Monday, April 7, 2008

Navreh-Is there a new flame somewhere?

Many years back I wrote this on a Navreh.
Yi Kyut Navreh,Kaemis che reh,
Na che ti na maey,teli Kyut Navreh
Bujras chuy Vaey,Yavanas hey
Vaen kyut navreh,Vaen kyut navreh
Deep inside me,something was breaking.It was hard to tell why I saw no hope,no need for celebration.After all who celebrates broken homes and broken hopes.The "reh"signifies light or fire of the new year.It signifies the new spirit of our souls,a new resolve to rebuild what is lost,to regain what was ours.All that seemed a distant dream when I penned down those pensive lines.
Radhika is just 15.She wasnt even born when she was thrown out of what would have been her home.Her chaste Kashmiri coupled with her resolve to return to her roots inspired me to revisit my lines.
As an ode to her and to my comrades in Roots in Kashmir,
Ye chu nov Navreh,vich prazlaan chay na chaney reh
chuy chane rahey,rang rotumut maey
chakh aash baneth vaen aamech chey,
kad valenje maenae,yus chuy vaeh
Aakash ti pataal sar kar aaz
chey prarran panchalech ,che divay
haeth pagahuk gaash,che aayak aaz
bar-e-chirninaev kin mae chaye divay
vanvas me mokelaav mahsoosas
aaz kaluk vamaan karetan khay

Dead End

Dead End
The road to what was once my home in Kashmir....zuv chum bramaan ghare gachehae..