Wednesday, August 29, 2007

This is Heart Speaking-by Manzoor Fazili

Manzoor Fazili is someone I adore.His columns have been a source of inspiration,peace and quest for knowledge.A voice of sanity among us Kashmiris,he retains what all of us seem to have lost.
Read this one here
Allah! give us more Manzoor Fazilis,let peace return to all of us.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Kashmir-Foreign Invaders seek Independence(My column in Meri news Picks)

This was the beginning of miseries for the people of Kashmir. The rather notorious role of Sayyid Ali Hamdani (popularly called Shah-i-Hamdan in Kashmir by Muslims) in changing the mindset of foreign Muslim invaders-cum-rulers from fairly benign to extremely fanatic Muslims is clear from the fact that he asked Sultan-Qutubdin to impose Shariah (Islamic Laws) in Kashmir. About Sayyid Ali Hamdani, Bahiristan-i-Shahi says (and I quote): “Again it needs to be recorded that for some of the time which the holy Amir spent in Kashmir he lived in a sarai at ’Alau’d-Din Pora. At the site where his khanqah was built, there existed a small temple, which was demolished so he could offer namaz (prayer) five times a day and recite portions of the Quran morning and evening. Sultan Qutbu’d-Din occasionally attended these congregational prayers.” I am choosing a Muslim source to quote, for, it lends credence to the fact that such demolitions were glorified and even considered righteous by the Muslim rulers, historians and the Amirs. After the death of Sultan-Qutubdin, he was succeeded by his son Sultan Sikandar, who needs no introduction.
Read complete article here

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Mansur bin Hallaj-The Man who dared to defy(by Dr.G.L.Kaw)

A revolutionary, a real religious researcher, a loin-hearted human being who in spite of being a faithful and practicing Muslim started asking awkward questions about human existence creation, creator, truth and God, and their relationship with each other. And this happened when Islam was only two and a half-century young only. This eternal revolutionary, the fearless votary of mysticism, fierce thinker and philosopher was one Hussein bin Mansoor famous as Halaaj. Halaaj was born around 858 A.D. in a Persian city named Bezaa (In Faras province of modern Iran) in an ordinary household. After his customary primary education only, the child Hussein started asking difficult and awkward questions. To satisfy his inner urges he came into contact with many of the high priests (clergy) of the time, but nothing could satisfy him. As a youth only he started travelling far and wide meeting the scholars and clerics discussing and debating difficult issues. Finally he reached Shouster (a small city in Khuzistan of modern Iran) where he studied under a very famous cleric called Sahal-bin Abdullah Shoustari for a long time. From here he came to Baghdad the capital of Islamic kingdom and seat of Khalifa (Religious head as well as king of the kingdom). At that time most of modern day Iran was a part of Baghdad Khilafat. From here he went to Basra as well as to Arabia, but returned to Baghdad soon. In Baghdad he continued his tirade of discussions and debates with highest clerics of the day. Soon he left for a long and fruitful sojourn eastwards. He traveled to most of the big cities of Persia including Khurasan (Easternmost province of Iran), meeting all the scholars and religious heads of the time. From here he entered Indian subcontinent and traveled many parts of northern India. Here also, he continued his unsatiable quest. He is supposed to have traveled to China and Far East also though we do not have any concrete evidence to support this view. Read complete article here

Sunday, August 19, 2007

My friend Mehmood's answer to me in GK on Jashn-e-Azadi

What appeared in Greater Kashmir some days back under the title, 'celebrating too much of freedom', could easily have been ignored had it not appeared in this newspaper. The newspaper has been needlessly accommodative. Criticism, difference of opinion, interpretations and perceptions being at variance; all this is understandable. But vilifying an entire people in no less than an abusive language and casting slur on the film maker; all this is an indication of a sick mind.

This is how they reply......judge for yourself

Friday, August 17, 2007

Paradise Seed by Kathleen Raine

Where is the seed
Of the tree felled,
Of the forest burned,
Or living root
Under ash and cinders?
From woven bud
What last leaf strives
Into life, last Shrivelled flower?
Is fruit of our harvest,
Our long labourDust to the core?
To what far, fair land
Borne on the wind
What winged seed
Or spark of fire
From holocaust
To kindle a star?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007



15th Aug,a date etched in our memory…the day we achieved what is everyone’s right-freedom.
Another landmark in our history of 5000 years…shouldn’t this day be a reason for celebration and joy. Ideally yes, but that’s if you are free. For a half a million souls in exile freedom means just another remembrance of the day when they were forcibly thrown out their homes. It also leaves them with a lingering feeling of deceit that the state has played against them.
It was this that moved hundred odd homeless and uprooted Pandits to tie their mouths with black clothes, a sign that they have lost voice, carrying Indian flags as if they carry the cross,a cross because of which they were forced out of their homes. As someone in the crowd said”We are paying a price for being Indians”.
We are Indians,is that too much of a sin…I wondered as I sat among the protestors. How could one reconcile to the truth that Pandits were suffering because they are not “CRY BABIES” like their Muslim brethren or the fact they are not politically significant because of their numbers.
Maybe Indian democracy has come of age.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Jashn-e-Azadi: Half-truths All the Way(in

Jashn-e-Azadi, the documentary made on the Kashmir issue, presents only half-truths about Kashmir; it disturbs many of the viewers, who know the ‘reality’. A good documentary does not take sides; it simply documents and presents facts as they are.
read complete article here;jsessionid=B594C8C74C7AD1C8C4B52702B9ABD511?articleID=125895

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Now Taslima......

Taslima Nasren roughed up by Islamic fundamentalists in Hyderabad....

Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen was today roughed up by MIM activists who stormed into a book release function here, injuring a Telugu writer and a press photographer.
Nasreen, here to release the Telugu translation of her latest book "Shodh", escaped unhurt as organisers and journalists shielded her and escorted her to safety.
A group of over 40 MIM workers, led by party MLAs Afsar Khan, Ahmed Pasha and Mouzam Khan, barged into the press club at Somajiguda when the function was about to end.
Hurling abuse and shouting slogans, the MIM workers surged menacingly towards the dais as a stunned Nasreen looked on.
They threw papers and books at Nasreen. In the melee, Telugu writer N Innaiah, the organiser of the function and president of the rationalist organisation Centre for Inquiry, was injured along with a press photographer.
Alert organisers and journalists covering the event threw a protective ring around Nasreen and took her to an adjoining room.
The MIM activists, who demanded that Nasreen should leave immediately, broke windows and damaged furniture at the venue.
Police then reached the spot and dispersed them.
The three MLAs from the city and their supporters were taken to Banjara Hills police station, Deputy Commissioner of Police M Madhusudhan Reddy said.
The manager of the Press Club filed a complaint with police against the attackers.
The MIM, which has considerable influence in the old city area, is represented in the Lok Sabha by Asaduddin Owaisi and has five members in the assembly.
(did someone call RIK activists hooligans)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

My review of Jashn-e-Azadi-in Greater Kashmir

Even Greater Kashmir is more freedom loving than Sanjay Kak himself

The first images that flashed in front of my eyes when these numbers were shown on the screen were of Brijlal (my father’s best friend) and Choti. Brijlal (a driver in Dept. of Agriculture) and his wife Choti were tied to a jeep in their native village and then dragged till dead. When we received their bodies they were chopped into small pieces as if someone had just brought meat from a butcher. Blood still was fresh in some of their veins as it had reddened the body bag in which we received them. What a way to celebrate Azadi??? Kudos to the Robin Hoods who did this, kudos to the director for endorsing their way of celebration, sickness and creativity comes in such mental frames, I never knew. Beware… a lot of modern day Neros are around the corner. Read the full column here....

Some comments on the review on my Yahoo mail....

I feel we are on the same wave length on Sanjay Kak.Please accept my compliments for the brilliant reviewin GK. Keep it up.Orzu.Kamal
Yes -It is very well written!!!!

warm regards,



Rashneek Ji ,

Hats off to you.


Dear Rashneek...

The article was well written and you deserve all the kudos.

Pl. keep it up.


Sunil Raina

--- "rajesh.pandit" wrote:">>wrote:
Dear Rashneek Ji> > I had read this article on your blog previously, but> that could not stop me from reading it again (> twice) today. A wonderful piece of rebuttal to lies,> lies and more lies.> > > > Rgds > Rajesh Pandit
cashmeeri wrote:> > > > RASHNEEK - Gyaani bhi, Gunee bhi">> wrote:> > > > RASHNEEK - Gyaani bhi, Gunee bhi
from someone who wanted to be anonymous..
Dear Rashneek ji,
We communicated earlier; and, I have a reason not to write to you; but after I read your review, I couldn't resist myself from writing; your words animated memories of my personal losses in Kashmir; I relived the horror of those months when members of our extended family were kidnapped, tortured and killed by terrorists;much less to talk of loss of other friends totheir bullets; as I write this, I've tears in my eyes; your words wrenched my heart, and left me speechless for a while; but, this response had to come; even if you chose not to reply to my mail on an earlier occasion (something you may not even remember now), I write; just to thank you for writing this so well.


Monday, August 6, 2007

Wonder which PANDITS Sanjay Kak spoke to....

Some responses to his hate-mail against RIK...

From Soul-in-Exile...

Since my comments/rebuttals to Sanjay Kak’s post about Jash-e-Azadi couldn’t pass the filters of moderation, I am posting my note/open letter and five questions to Sanjay Kak here. Hope Sanjay would oblige with some words of wisdom?
Read complete post here...

From Vivek Raina
Aug 5th, 2007 at 7:49 pm

hi man……just went through ur blog… remember the Delhi screening… remember the first floor… and remember the guy standing there… the first voice that came… calling yasin a murderer… the guy in the blue shirt who started all ruckus… after which all those kashmiri pandit “I AM YOUR BIG BROTHERS” found their voice… and were a lil more vociferous… and a little more assertive… Well that was me…”was” is the key word…the group of people who you didnt mention is your blog is called RIK (Roots in Kashmir)… well i dont really know if they wanna gain mileage outta it like you said… and trust me i don’t care.HEY MAN “SORRY” TO HAVE SPOILED YOUR SHOWAbout the documentary… It was well made… which proves you are a director of caliber… congrats.also the content was well selected..and you had done your home work well… another congrats for that.A little about my anger ventilation… and a little about explaining why i did what i did that night that must have pissed you off… and so many people there
1. I dont care if you just showed the one side of the story… as a director thats your creative right. My problem with the movie is you in your movie tried to justify things that we all know are wrong. IF Indian army is killing kashmiri folks there. That is wrong… and if a people want to get freedom that is genuine… but you were justifying the gun culture in the movie. As a human being you know how much have the common kashmiris suffered because of this.
2. You got people in the screening… (Mr yasin malik) and quoted people… and interviewed people… who have advocated gun culture in the valley. That shouldn’t have been done. I mean cmon u r a good director.. And good director always judges the sensitivity of the issue. You know killing is wrong. U know two wrongs don’t make one right.Yasin malik knows hes killed people… so please .. i humbly bed thee… to enlighten me as to why did you have to do something like that.
3. What angered me more was that you are a kashmiri pandit. A kashmiri pandit would never ever… even if he was killed… ever take to violence… or justify violence… and some gentle man in in your movie said “META PHYSICAL WAR”… with what????/ with guns??????????
4.You didn’t address the basic problems of the valley… is it just that people want freedom and they are not getting it that they are pissed off…????? isnt it the economic disparity, the unemployment rate… the mass PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), the fear of gun, poor institutions, corruption… thats hurting the valley more… than the para military forces. WHY FREEDOM? who do people want to be free form a govt… because their needs (emotional, personal, psychological, economic, spiritual) are not somehow fulfilled under a given regime… u not even once mentioned that. It was a masala film under the pretext of a documentary.
5. where did you elucidate on the true nature of kashmiris… are kashmiris just about… freedom struggles… and wars… and getting killed… when u study a revolution… there has to be some reference to the mind set of the man thats running the revolution. that key elementary factor was missing.
LOOK DUDE I AM LIBERAL.. if Kashmir one day is a separate country… ill be happy to be there.. if with India ill still be happy… When that lady… again in the balcony asked you about the fate of kashmiri pandits u said.. u feel for them.. and u would like to treat the topic independently… because of its sensitivity…but dude… i think the topic u were dealing with in your movie was even more sensitive than kashmiri pandit topic… cuz those folks have been living there and facing hell… we just left… and started fresh…do u think i would ever want you to( seeing ur level of sensitivity) ever want to see ur movie on kashmiri pandits…theres a lot more to say… but a mail sounds so much like a soliloquy.. i prefer listening…I hope u wont mind chatting it over a cuppa coffee… after all the frenzy (all the screenings, and when u have time) settles down…VIVEK RAINA

from Nishant Dudha(not sure whether he will allow it on his blog...Sanjay Kak talks of freedom,yet his blog is moderated...irony....or joke)......

There was a mail invitation doing the rounds of the "E-mail Fwd Circuit", which spoke of a Documentary made by this young Indian filmmaker with many accolades and awards for his past portfolio of work in the "Festival Circuit".
Read full reply here...

from Aditya Raj Kaul...his blog alone has equal hits to your entire team's(Jashn-e-Azadi's)hits

Sanjay Kak obviously irritated because of the amount of criticism his masala movie is receiving and also lately the Police has also stopped his screenings and confiscated his DVD's in Mumbai. In mere frustration he blasted off writing an article targeting a young group of Kashmiri Pandits and some others for this mess up, not realising what he was bouncing his fingers on.Obviously, his masters wouldn't be so happy with him because of the negative success he is getting lately because of this youth group called ROOTS IN KASHMIR.
read full reply here

So Sanjay Kak...we arent such a small bunch of hooligans,but a group of educated non-violent,people ..far different from how you would want people to believe.Of course we dont fit into the profile of your idols because we dont..KILL,RAPE,BURN HOUSES,TORCH TEMPLES,

Keep watching this space for more....


Sunday, August 5, 2007

But humko kahen Kaafir

I wasnt surprised and shocked to read what a film maker had to write on his blog about a "group of people"who have made it a mission to follow the film and stop it from circulating.What wishful thinking? Alas delusions of megalomania cant come in better ways than this.Dont we all know these wannabe Noam Chomskys are in constant fear of argument thats why they dont publish comments that arent really favourable to them in their blog.
Now,who is this small group of people and are they really following the movie as much as the film maker belives.The Film maker is only and I use the word only a FILM MAKER.Roots in Kashmir activists are not a small group,one...they are more than 700 young Kashmiri Pandits across the globe(where there Mujahideen tormentors threw them),two they are executives,teachers,art historians and of course students...who have much more to do to earn their livelihood than to simply follow this biased documentary.
Now the film maker belives we are net detectives,net bullies etc he so much in awe of us that he has even lost what is called the dignified way of argument.When I wrote a review on his movie recently,he had a volley of invectives in his mail written to me...Clearly a case where he is finding it hard to argue...
Now now,we are speading lies,because we are bringing to fore truths which the film maker obviously wants to hide...they make him uncomfortable.When we sometimes bring up the issue of Kashmiri Pandits killed,he belives we are keeping the pot boiling yet when he shows graveyards and asks an old man to find his son's grave,it is sacred..
I really wonder which Pandits has the movie maker spoken to...I know thousands and none but me he has spoken to...He must have spoken to his alter egos ..there are a couple like him...but someone says..One sparrow does not make a spring...he surely has met one of those sparrows.
At no point in time,did we try to stop the movie from circulating...we are not like those terrorists(whom he calls Saheb)who kill because someone doesnt fall in line with their way of thinking.He showed it in places like Pune and Nashik where there are sizeable Pandit populations,yet he went on showing his Band-Pather.
Whatever he shows in his magnum opus is his problem...we will continue to take him non violent and peace loving ways...unlike his Sahebs...who can silence you with a bullet
Since he is so awe-struck he should be allowed to say anything,write anything....after all he is terrorised..isnt he....
All I can say is

Buth humko kahen kaafir
Allah ki marzi hai


Dead End

Dead End
The road to what was once my home in Kashmir....zuv chum bramaan ghare gachehae..