Sunday, August 5, 2007

But humko kahen Kaafir

I wasnt surprised and shocked to read what a film maker had to write on his blog about a "group of people"who have made it a mission to follow the film and stop it from circulating.What wishful thinking? Alas delusions of megalomania cant come in better ways than this.Dont we all know these wannabe Noam Chomskys are in constant fear of argument thats why they dont publish comments that arent really favourable to them in their blog.
Now,who is this small group of people and are they really following the movie as much as the film maker belives.The Film maker is only and I use the word only a FILM MAKER.Roots in Kashmir activists are not a small group,one...they are more than 700 young Kashmiri Pandits across the globe(where there Mujahideen tormentors threw them),two they are executives,teachers,art historians and of course students...who have much more to do to earn their livelihood than to simply follow this biased documentary.
Now the film maker belives we are net detectives,net bullies etc he so much in awe of us that he has even lost what is called the dignified way of argument.When I wrote a review on his movie recently,he had a volley of invectives in his mail written to me...Clearly a case where he is finding it hard to argue...
Now now,we are speading lies,because we are bringing to fore truths which the film maker obviously wants to hide...they make him uncomfortable.When we sometimes bring up the issue of Kashmiri Pandits killed,he belives we are keeping the pot boiling yet when he shows graveyards and asks an old man to find his son's grave,it is sacred..
I really wonder which Pandits has the movie maker spoken to...I know thousands and none but me he has spoken to...He must have spoken to his alter egos ..there are a couple like him...but someone says..One sparrow does not make a spring...he surely has met one of those sparrows.
At no point in time,did we try to stop the movie from circulating...we are not like those terrorists(whom he calls Saheb)who kill because someone doesnt fall in line with their way of thinking.He showed it in places like Pune and Nashik where there are sizeable Pandit populations,yet he went on showing his Band-Pather.
Whatever he shows in his magnum opus is his problem...we will continue to take him non violent and peace loving ways...unlike his Sahebs...who can silence you with a bullet
Since he is so awe-struck he should be allowed to say anything,write anything....after all he is terrorised..isnt he....
All I can say is

Buth humko kahen kaafir
Allah ki marzi hai


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