Wednesday, June 11, 2008

She yelled at him. You don’t have a way with people. You annoy people so easily. All the good work that you do often ends up in a dustbin because of the way you handle people. Everyone hates you for one reason or another. This isn’t going anywhere. As long as you don’t learn how to work and manipulate people all your art and knowledge isn’t worth a penny. You have to learn to be quiet even when you know everyone around is lying. Maybe it is time you learn how not to speak, how not to react, how not to speak truth, how not to express yourself. And who the hell told you to be so involved in anything at all? Do you really think you are going to change the world or for that matter whatever shit you are associated with. Emotional fools don’t go anywhere. They are like trees whose roots are so stuck to their ground that they simply dig deeper their own graves.
He didn’t say anything. He was already trying to put into practice what she was saying. It wasn’t as if he hadn’t heard it before. A lot of his friends had found his emotional trait as an asset that only others could use; his detractors had found this an alibi for attacking him. They often branded him unstable, stubborn, hyperactive and frenzied. It wasn’t his EQ that actually worried them. He was passionate to the point of being insane and thats what scared his foes and friend alike.

Enough is enough. I have suffered a lot because of being too involved. He made up his mind that this is it. This is the last time in my life that I have had myself involved in a cause,he said to himself. Yet he knew he would be back again to what gave him pain and ecstasy. This was the pleasure of the pain. This was the only shred that kept him connected to his void. Holding on to it was painful, getting out of it -complicated.
In days such as these he would often turn to his past to cheer him up .He recollected the day when his would be wife had asked him about the ten most important people/causes in his life. She knew what the first one would be and he didn’t disappoint her either. It wasn’t she. It was an affirmation and not a surprise for her. She had many times seen tears rolling down his cheeks the moment anything related to Kashmir came up.
Reason had never been his cup of tea. I have often heard him say”Aap kab akal ke madrsse se ishq ke mahqade main aa rahee hain”.He closed the door behind him. He sang aloud

Shola hoon bhadkne ki guzarish nahee karta
Sach munh se nikal jaata hain koshish nahee karta

He sat on the solitary rug in his study. The rug looked beautiful with its red fairies and blue flowers. He was extremely fond of the rug because it never had any complaints against him. Even today it welcomed him as it did always. Like a man intoxicated ,he sang to the rug

Aap kyon hain saare duniya se juda
Aap bhi dushman meray ban jaaeye

The rug didn’t reply. It never did.


Rahul Pandita said...

Hmmmm... interesting. But I pray hat he doesn't learn any lesson. He is OK the way he is.

Rashneek Kher said...

Seems so...
dard minat kashe dawa na hua
ma na achha hua bura na hua

Bhavya Ketan said...

''Na Badet Yavani Bhasham Pranah Kanthgatepi va''
(One should not speak the language of Muslim rulers even at the cost of death)
"Urdu was the language of dancing girls and prostitutes" - Babu Harish Chandar
... The aggressiveness of Hindi movement "affirmed that for Hindus Urdu was a pure and simple survival of Muslim tyranny"...
Muslim League Slogan in 1947: ''Hindi-Hindu-Hindusthan'' Vs. ''Urdu-Muslim-Pakistan''

geetika said...

puttin in words what u truly feel is a different ball game altogether...sincerely feel u could cut on melodrama part rest is excellent especially the articulation and ur all time favorite urdu shers...quite apt...
bhavya please language has no religion...amir khusro worked quite hard to give a beautiful form to urdu....m if its sweet n poetic what can one do about it...
plus let me tell u, u will always find in history what u r lookin for...coz there is no one truth

Bhavya Ketan said...

Favourite tongue and all. Argument accepted.


Language has no religion??? And that too from a researcher...

I rest my case.

I didn't know that liberals are also bigoted.

Raj said...

Hum se nahin unko
Andaz-e-bayan se gham hai
Jo ho kam woh kaise
Na humko ayan hai na unka karam hai

Aditya Raj Kaul said...

hmmm...I can't write more...

You just expressed it so well; I've been somewhat fixed in the same situation most of the times..

Rahul summed it up so well; in the very first comment.

Bhavya, seems confused... he just wants to even if its not argue... anyways..

Great writing Rashneek. Keep going..

Pooja Shali said...

your protagonist is a mad man.. and his wife tries to inject some sanity into him.. but then i am sure, she also loves this passion her man has :)

Afterall.. Pagalpann aur shayar mein koi zyada antarr to hai nahi ;) lolzz

Dead End

Dead End
The road to what was once my home in Kashmir....zuv chum bramaan ghare gachehae..